Meet Us

Arlene Cook, the founder and Owner of MISH Fashion and Swim, is mother of two boys, wife of 20 years, a flight attendant of 21 years and the brains behind MISH since its conception in 2008.

She started her passion for fashion at a young age, always doodling fashion ideas in the margins of her notebooks. After graduating high school she went to college where she studied fashion and loved it!

As life happens she got distracted with love and family. She pursued a career as a flight attendant which eventually led her back to her love of fashion.

Being a flight attendant, who got to be in some of the most fashion forward places, made her want to bring that fashion home to Lethbridge and thus MISH was born.

Having an amazingly supportive husband and family helped her in this competitive industry to win Lethbridge’s Best of The Best award for Women’s Fashion 7 years running.

MISH started in the basement of her Lethbridge home and has grown into what it is today with a retail store in Lethbridge, a thriving website and several home representatives all over Alberta.

Arlene and her husband Wyatt along with their two boys are as excited as ever to continue the MISH standard of excellent customer service and fabulous fashion at an affordable price.

Thanks for visiting our website and making a little girls dream come true. We hope you enjoy shopping with us and we look forward to helping you find your next favorite outfit!



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